Options abound for Celebrations, Reunions and Events at With the Wind Vineyard & Winery.  

Click on the '2017 Event Planning Guide' for more information and inquire for availability: WiththeWindWinery@gmail.com or 605.537.4780.

With the Wind Vineyard & Winery is an ideal location for Celebrations!  

Gather your loved ones & friends, family or co-workers together to share in laughter and joy on the peaceful prairie.  

The With the Wind Vineyard is the most romantic setting for your outdoor wedding ceremony, reception and rehearsal. Below is a general guide to describe the growth of the vines throughout several months of the year:

Mid-April through Mid-May – Budbreak, followed by rapid shoot growth                                                                                 June through July – Vineyard should have rapid shoot growth (10”-16” per shoot)
August – Shoot growth will begin to slow down and berries should be developing and ripening
End of September – Should begin to see fall colors in vineyard leaves, followed by leaf fall after first frost.
November – Dormancy


Contact us at 605.537.4780 or at withthewindwinery@gmail.com for further details about hosting your special event at Wind Vineyard & Winery.

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